13 Day Alaskan Photography Adventure and Tour - with Mark Rayner and David Metcalf
ALASKA - A Wilderness, Wildlife Extravaganza

When : 28 May to 9 June 2024

Where : Alaska, USA

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Please note this amazing trip is limited to maximum 8 to 10 photographers.

12 Nights 13 Days

Please join David Metcalf and I as we embark on yet another  unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska with our  Alaska Photo Tour in May/June 2024. This exclusive tour is designed for photography enthusiasts who seek to capture the untouched beauty of Alaska’s wilderness, majestic mountains, pristine glaciers, abundant wildlife, and connect with the local friendly Alaskan residents. Led by David and I who will be returning for our fourth Alaskan workshop this tour promises an immersive and educational experience, providing you with extraordinary opportunities to capture awe-inspiring images.

John Muir a famous American explorer spent some time in Alaska many years ago and made the comment that in all your travels you should leave Alaska to last because nothing else will compare with its grandeur and beauty.

David Metcalf visited Alaska twice in 1979 and 1981, and fell in love with this mighty land. Having travelled to many countries since, he can fully understand what John Muir was getting at.

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Majestic Mountain Ranges and Wildlife:

Witness the grandeur of the Alaska Range, including the iconic Denali, the highest peak in North America.
Capture the ethereal beauty of the Talkeetna and Wrangell Mountain chain known for their snow-capped peaks and dramatic vistas.
Experience one of the most stunning drives in North America between Palmer and Glenallen, the gateway to the Wrangell – St Elias National Park.
Drive for two days along the beautiful Alaska highway from Fairbanks to Haines photographing waterfalls, lakes, massive mountains, glaciers along the way, and continually searching for wildlife.
Cruise through the Chilkat Bald Eagle preserve on a gentle raft trip, surrounded by towering Mountains and Glaciers.
There will be an opportunity to take a light plane and fly across Mount Mc Kinley and the Alaska Range

This will be amazing experience and one I am sure you will never forget. Alaska is an extraordinary place and one of the last great wilderness frontiers of the world. There are few, if any, places with the unspoiled wilderness, mountainous grandeur and immense wildlife that is showcased in Alaska. But don’t listen to me come and see for yourself.
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Glaciers and Icefields:

Photograph the massive ice formations of the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, allowing for stunning close-up shots.

Wildlife Encounters:
Encounter Alaska’s diverse wildlife, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, moose, caribou, sea lions, and whales.
There will be many opportunities to photograph grizzly bears, especially in the Haines area.
Capture striking images of wildlife in their natural habitats, guided by experts who will ensure safe and respectful viewing distances.

Idyllic Coastal Landscapes: Visit the charming coastal town of Haines, offering picturesque views of the ocean, fjords, and rugged coastline.
Photograph stunning sunsets over the waters of Glacier Bay, creating mesmerising compositions.
Take a full day boat journey into Glacier Bay and photograph the marine life such as Whales, Sea Otters, Puffins, Seals, Mountain Goats and witness the massive Ice chunks calve from the face of Margerie Glacier. 
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Local Culture and History:

Immerse yourself in Alaska’s rich heritage through interactions with local communities.

Capture the essence of Alaska’s indigenous cultures, traditions, and artistry, creating a deeper connection with the region.

We will visit the Klukwan Tlingit indigenous community.

Delight in the Alaskan cuisine including fresh salmon and halibut.
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We will be travelling as a group in our own transport with the objective to hunt down and photograph the incredible wildlife such as Wolves, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Eagles, Moose and other Wildlife.


There will be a maximum of eight to ten photographers plus David Metcalf and Mark Rayner. This will allow plenty of time to go over photography techniques and improve your photography skills.

If photographing Bald Eagles, Whales, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Wolves, Moose and many different species of birds takes your fancy, or some of the most wild and dramatic Mountain scenery on the planet, along with Glaciers, pristine flowing rivers, trees in the splendour of fall colours then you should join us on what will be an amazing experience.

The photography tour starts in Anchorage on May 28 th and finishes in Juneau, the state capital on June 9th.

The photographers meet in Anchorage on the 28 th , and you make your own way there.

There  are regular flights to Anchorage from Seattle and other cities in the U.S.

Cost for the photography expedition is USD$9250.00 single occupancy or USD $7950.00 per person twin-share (Couples).

USD $1000.00 per person deposit required to secure your position.
(please note a 2.9% handling fee applies to credit card payments)

Balance payable 60 days before workshop.

This includes: 

  • 12 nights accomodation
  • All ground transport
  • All meals
  • Park fees to Denali National Park and others
  • The domestic flights between Haines and Gustavus
  • Domestic flight between Gustavus and Juneau
  • The boat trip in Glacier National Park
  • The raft trip in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Reserve
  • Local Guides
  • Visit to Tlingit community
Flights to and from Alaska
  • Scenic Flights
  • Alcohol
  • Tips


Please note we need a minimum of 6 participants for the expedition to take place.

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