NEW - Seven Day K'gari (Fraser Island) Hybrid Adventure
Photography Workshop and Tour

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When: Tuesday 18 to Monday 24 June 2024

Where: World Heritage Listed K'gari (Fraser Island)

Resort and beach camping accomodation.

Trekabout Photography Workshops hold current Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) Commercial Activity Permits for K'gari (Fraser Island).

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Trekabout Photography Workshops 7 Day K'gari Adventure Photography Workshop and Tour is one that will definitely not want to miss.

This workshop adventure is limited to six (6) participants and provides travel in two comfortable and very capable four wheel drives.
Recently renamed, K'gari (pronounced gurri) is the traditional Butchulla peoples name for paradise. They nailed it!!!

You will visit ‘photographer’s paradise’ that is K'gari in style and cool air-conditioned comfort.

This ‘K'gari Adventure’ is fully-inclusive. Every aspect of this workshop is covered and no vehicle is required.

You will be picked up from a Sunshine Coast location and driven

by 4WD through Cooloola National Park, Rainbow Beach and then board a ferry across to K'gari.

Even before arriving on K'gari you will enjoy a stunning drive along the beach from Noosa North Shore to Rainbow Beach.

You’ll take in the amazing Teewah coloured sands and Double Island Point along the way. Once on K'gari, though, the fun really begins!

For seven amazing days, you will be driven to the best photographic opportunities that K'gari has to offer.

Timed to take advantage of low tide, a trip highlight will be a sunset shoot at the wreck of the Maheno and now there is much more!

New Photographic Opportunities

This new 7 day variation on the very popular 5 day K'gari workshop offers even more wonderful photography opportunities.

Not only will you photograph the Maheno Wreck at sunset, but now a sunrise shoot will be available. But that's not all. We'll spend two nights at the gorgeous Bowarrady Creek camp area with the sea on one side and a flowing fresh water stream on the other.

Yes, we are beach camping on this tour with all equipment (apart from your sleeping bag and pillow) provided.

You'll now have access to photography opportunities unavailable when staying at the resort accomodations.

Here is the accomodation breakdown:
2 nights eastern ocean beach camping just north of the Maheno shipwreck.
2 nights western beach camping at Bowarrady Creek
3 Nights K'gari Beach Resort - Eurong

Here's what Glynis Cameron says about her recent experience on the workshop:

Mark’s recent 7 day K’gari workshop was my first photography tour and wow what a way to start. I enjoyed  a lot of new experiences , not just in photography, but in camping and 4 wheel driving on a beach.

The small group number, together with Mark’s laid back approach, sense of humour and never ending patience ensured we all learnt a lot and had a great time. Mark’s vast knowledge of birds, wildlife, plants and all camera brands left no questions unanswered.

The itinerary was well thought out, 2 nights camping near the Maheno wreck made the sunset shoot easier, camping on the west side for 2 days meant less driving times and more time for photography, 2 nights at Eurong resort for a touch of luxury and a proper shower!

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, not only did my photography skills improve dramatically as did my knowledge of birds, I met some lovely people, and was given links to other photography resources. I would certainly recommend going on any of Mark’s workshops.

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At 120 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide (at it’s widest point), K'gari is the world’s largest sand island. The island has rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests, wallum and peat swamps, sand dunes and coastal heaths.

K'gari attained World heritage status in 1992 and is now protected to ensure future generations will enjoy its many wonders.

The sandblows you’ll see and visit are formed by wind action. The huge sandblows actually move 1 to 2 metres per year and can grow to 255 metres in height.

All the hills on K'gari were formed from sandblows where vegetation eventually took hold. The dunes that form the sandblows are parabolic and create amazing shapes and patterns. We have a session planned at one of the enormous sandblows which will see your landscape passions unleashed. This place is simply stunning.

You will also photograph ancient rainforests growing along the banks of crystal clear creeks. You will spend an entire owning in this amazing environment where macro opportunities abound. The water is so clear that, when viewing for the first time, many people think the water is

murky. What they are actually seeing is the sand on the creek bed, not realising that they are looking through 30cm or more of water. This truly is a place of wonders.

During the workshop you will visit Lake Mackenzie. This lake is one of 40 perched lakes on K'gari.

Perched lakes sit high on the island well above sea level. The water is the cleanest in the world.

You will be astounded at the clarity of the water and you'll have plenty of time to venture in for a swim. The underwater visibility is second to none.

K'gari is home to over 350 different species of birds. Common birds include Pelicans, Terns, Honeyeaters, Gulls, Kingfishers, Kookaburra, Owls, Doves, Thornbills, Ducks, Brolgas, and Cockatoos. If you're into bird photography you will have numerous chances during this workshop with many stops along the way as opportunities present.

You will often see birds of prey including Sea Eagles, Peregrine Falcon, Osprey and Brahminy Kites cruising along the beach looking for a tasty treat. The island is visited my many migratory wading birds from as far away as Siberia.

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Locations visited will include:

  • Central Station

  • Ancient rainforests

  • Pile Valley

  • Lake McKenzie

  • Lake Alom

  • Champagne Pools

  • Indian Head

  • Cooloola National Park

  • Rainbow Beach

  • Western Beaches

  • Coloured Sands

  • Sandblows

  • The Cathedrals

  • The Pinnacles

  • Maheno Wreck

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Tuition subjects will include:

  • Composition

  • Seascapes

  • Bird Photgraphy

  • Lighting

  • Macro

  • Metering

  • Post-processing

  • Image critique

  • Depth-of-field

  • Aperture

  • Shutter speed

  • ISO

  • Focusing methods

And much more…

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Things you should bring:

  • Camera (s)

  • Wide angle prime or zoom lens

  • Mid-range zoom (24-70, 18-105 etc,) and circular polarising filter to suit (if available)

  • Macro lens (if available)

  • Memory card(s),

  • Spare batteries

  • Memory card(s),

  • Sturdy tripod

  • Camera owner's manual - Important!

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunblock

  • Hat

  • A long telephoto zoom lens. 70-200, 70-300, 18-200, 100-400, 150-600 etc.

  • 1.4, 1.7 or 2x tele convertor (if available)

  • Remote or cable release (if available)

  • Graduated Neutral Density filter set (if available)

  • Flash


  • Accommodation on K'gari at K'gari Beach Resort

  • Camping equipment (private tent, mattress, chair)

  • All meals once onboard.

  • National Park fees, daily permits, ferry fees.

  • Transport from allocated collection points.


  • Eurong Resort incidentals (phone calls, alcohol etc.)

  • Personal items

  • Aircraft joy flights

  • BYO Sleeping Bag

Price:  $4830.00 per person (single room occupancy)
Please note a 3.2% surcharge applies to credit card payments

here to book this workshop. $1000 non-refundable deposit payable within five (5) days of booking.

Balance payable thirty days (30) prior to workshop.

Please note: This workshop is limited to 6 participants (maximum of 3 participants per vehicle). You will be ensured of receiving comprehensive personal tuition from Mark over the 7 days.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.
For further details on this workshop or if you have any other questions, please phone Mark on 0459 221678. 

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