Wonderful Weekend of Wildlife Photography
Saturday - Australia Zoo
Sunday - Wildlife, Reptiles and Frogs

Attend both workshops on the same weekend and save over 10% - SORRY BOOKED OUT, Reptile and Frog Full.

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Sunday - Half day Wildlife, Reptiles and Frogs Photography Workshop - SORRY BOOKED OUT
Where:  Closeburn - N/W of Brisbane

Next workshop: Saturday 4 November 2023

Join Mark as he instructs you on the best techniques to photograph an amazing lineup of wildlife.

Some of the species are virtually impossible to photograph in the wild, so this is a chance you will not want to miss.

You will have an exclusive opportunity to photograph tame native wildlife at a private breeder’s collection.  Some of the native wildlife species that we will photograph (depending on availability on the day) include:
  • Leaf-tailed Gecko and Knob-tailed Gecko
  • Bearded Dragon, Southern Angle-headed Dragon, Water Dragon and Boyd’s Rainforest Dragon
  • Pink-tongue Skink, Blue-tongue Skink and Shingleback Lizard. For full details click the link below.

Full details
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Saturday - Full Day Australia Zoo* Wildlife Photography Workshop
Where:  Beerwah

Next Workshop: Sunday 5 November 2023

Today is all about wildlife photography.

You'll learn the best focusing techniques, composition, exposure methods and much, much more to help you achieve a greater success rate when shooting wildlife.

Planning trip to Africa? This is great way to prepare for your amazing adventure.

For all the details click the link below.

Full details
Attend both workshops on the same weekend and save 10% across both workshops.

The combined cost of doing both workshops is reduced from $640.00 to $576.00 , a saving of $64.00 over the regular price.

To take advantage of this special offer complete the booking form below.

* Does not include Australia Zoo entry fee.

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